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Thursday Dec. 17th 2020 we will hold our Team Winter Haven Racquetball League playoffs from 4 PM through 7 PM at Just Move Athletic Club Winter Haven FL. Scheduled Play: Shaun Reid vs. Ken Drew @ 4:15 PMTroy Beardsley vs. Mitch Conner @ 4:45 PMJason Cheng vs. Tim Langston @
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IMPORTANT: Call your opponent at least 24 hours in advance to confirm match time.  (863)440-7128 to reserve your court.1.  2  games to 15 with a tiebreaker to 11 (win by 1 point) please enter your scores accordingly as the software is formatted to this.2.  2  serves 3.  Scoring:
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The "Team Winter Haven Racquetball League" begins: Monday 10-19-2020 and runs through (last play date) Monday 12-14-2020 Play-off date: Saturday 12-19-2020This one is Free and available to Just Move Athletic Club members only.To play in Just Move's "Fall Roll-Out 2020 Racquetball