Welcome to Performance Racquetball League's Homepage

  • Season: Flex format, you can play at any location and on any day of the week that is agreed upon between you and your opponent
  • Playoffs: Single elimination tournament, qualify by season performance, director will determine location and schedule 
  • Current USAR Rules including the use of approved eyewear and a tethered wrist cord attached securely to your racquet frame
  • Pro Penn HD Purple Racquetball is to be used unless both players agree on another ball for their match
  • Schedule week runs Monday through Sunday
  • The Date listed on the schedule is the ending Date for that week
    • Matches should be played and scores entered before the Date listed
    • Example: 06/07/2015 (Sunday) means the match should be played and scores entered anytime from 06/01/2015 (Monday) through 06/07/2015 (Sunday)
  • Make contact with your opponent scheduled for the week and make arrangements to play your match
  • Two games to 15, tiebreaker if necessary to 11, win by 1
  • Winner of the match is responsible for entering the scores and must be submitted before 11:45 pm on Sunday of that weeks schedule
  • Player will receive 1 point for playing the match and 1 point for each game won 
    • Example: PA wins the match in two games over PB
    • PA receives 3 points total for the match, 1 for playing and 2 for winning 2 games
    • PB receives a total of 1 point for playing the match
  • Make Ups will count against Points and will be factored in for playoff qualification/seeding
    • Example: You have 17 Points and 3 Make Ups, your actual Points for playoff qualification/seeding would be 14 (17-3)
Mike Sorensen