Welcome to the League

Play Racquetball!

Want to play and meet new racquetball players?    Join a league.   Put your name on the waiting list at the front desk and a league coordinator will call you.   There are 3 leagues a year (Winter, Summer, Fall)Beginners and Intermediate players needed

COURT RESERVATIONS     Reminder -  court reservations can be made 3 days in advance

The spring league starts the week of December 10th   (Tuesday nights) and will run for around 12 weeks.


-      The League will comprise of 3 groups of 8 players, ABC which will play on Tuesday nights. 

-      Every week there will 12 matches per night 4 at 5pm, 4 at 6:15pm and 4 at 7:30pm. (I realize we only have 2 courts). Courts are purposely over booked in order to alleviate open court time from reschedules/no-shows. If all 4 matches show up first courts will go to first pair to arrive. (REMEMBER TO TRY AND ARRIVE EARLY SO WE CAN KEEP MATCHES ON COURT)    

-      Winners will be responsible for signing on and entering the scores of the games. Matches will be 2 out of 3 to 15 points with the 3rd game tie breaker to 11.

-      At the end of the season we will tally up your points and use them to seed you in the playoff bracket. The playoffs will be an 8 person draw played at the end of the season. This will decide who moves up to the next division next season. The person with the least amount of season points in combination with the lowest playoff finish will be dropped down. (So play hard!) 

Contact Kyle Betar or Todd Betar
Mobile or text: 321-482-1803 or 321-794-6010
Email: Kyle_Betar@yahoo.com