Welcome to the League

Welcome to the FSU Racquetball Club League Website

Summer League
Our first league using this website starts the first week of June, 2015 and ends August 6th (last day Leach is open).  Players play 2 matches with each other player throughout the "season."  Matches are best of 3 games with tiebreaker to 11 points.  Matches can be played on your own time - update the schedule once matches are played.

  • Season: Play 2 matches every week playing each other player twice.  Schedule your own matches or play on social nights (reserve courts so challenge courts are open).
  • Playoffs: Single Elimination playoff last week of Summer (8/3-8/6)
  • Scoring
    • Player will receive 1 point for playing the match and 1 point for each game won
      • Example: PA wins the match in two games over PB
      • PA receives 3 points total for the match, 1 for playing and 2 for winning 2 games
      • PB receives a total of 1 point for playing the match

Social Play
Throughout Summer the main social nights are Mon, Wed, and Thur from 5-8pm.

Leach Hours (5/10-8/6)
M-R: 6am - 10pm
F:  6am - 9pm
Sat-Sun: 11am - 9pm

8/7: 6am - 5pm
8/8-8/18: Closed

Club Website

Contact League Director Andrew Kapec to sign up : akapec@fsu.edu or (352) 359-0511

Questions about league format/programming, contact Rod Van Dyke at 863-651-4058