Welcome to the League

The purpose of the league is to expand the racquetball community by providing players the opportunity to meet other players in the area and improve their singles game and take it to the next level by offering great competition among players within their respective level.

  • Season: Flex format, you can play at any location and on any day of the week that is agreed upon between you and your opponent
  • Playoffs: Single elimination tournament, qualify by season performance, director will determine location and schedule 
  • Current USAR OFFICIAL RULES OF RACQUETBALL including the use of approved eyewear and a tethered wrist cord attached securely to your racquet frame
  • Pro Penn HD Purple Racquetball is to be used unless both players agree on another ball for their match
Please visit the Performance Racquetball League Website for complete league Rules including Format, Schedule, Matches, Match Priority, Scoring and Forfeits.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or any of your racquetball needs including sales, services and coaching.
Mike Sorensen
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