Welcome to the League

Play Racquetball!

At each Abilene YMCA(State Street and Redbud locations) , we have 2 racquetball courts with glass back walls!   Here is some additional info about our programming:


Player will receive 1 point for playing the match and 1 point for each game won
  • Example: PA wins the match in two games over PB
  • PA receives 3 points total for the match, 1 for playing and 2 for winning 2 games
  • PB receives a total of 1 point for playing the match
     Please be flexible with your schedule. None of these times are set in stone. Contact your opponent and find workable time, if you cannot make the time on the website.

Matches - 
You can play anyone in your flight, it doesn't have to go by the date listed, that's just for the program to work.
    *  two games to 11, tiebreaker if necessary to 7, win by 1
  • Winner of the match is responsible for entering the scores 
  • Your email address is your password to enter the scores 
Any questions about racquetball at the YMCA,

Jim Wildner
325-829-7033 or jgwildner@gmail.com