Welcome to the League

Welcome to Team Eustis Racquetball!      We are working with the City Of Eustis to grow this sport in the area. 

Challenge Courts:   Every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9:00 pm, there are a group of players that normally play.   Show up and play!    There are 6 lighted Outdoor Longwall Racquetball Courts located at Sunset Island Park in beautiful Eustis.

League Participants:    $20 fee per season.   Fee covers awards and food on league finals night.     If you are interested in joining an upcoming league, contact either Ryan Berry or Rod Van Dyke to be put on the waiting list.

League Rules:
2 games to 15
Tiebreaker to 11
(you do not have to win by 2)
2 Serves

1 scheduled match per week.   If a match goes into a make-up mode, it is the responsibility of the person that had to reschedule to make up that match or the opponent can take the forfeit and the match points.

If you make a mistake entering scores, contact either Ryan Berry or Rod Van Dyke to get it corrected in the system.

Play Hard and Have Fun!

League Directors:   Ryan Berry 352.636.5432    Rod Van Dyke  863.651.4058