Welcome to the League

Welcome to the Bay Club Walnut Creek Racquetball League!

Hello fellow ballers! Welcome to our RB league homepage, where you can sign up for league, access your schedules, contact opponents, and compare your rankings in the league each season.

To view your schedule, click on the "Current Schedule" and your name to view your schedule for the season, or click the date to view all matches on that date.

To submit your scores, click "Enter Scores" and type in your results. Your password is your email. If  a score was entered incorrectly, let us know. Please check scores after each league night so there is no confusion.

Contact Erica Williams (530-554-6530) or Walter Ramos (925-822-5013) to sign up!

- Matches are two games to 15, tiebreaker to 11.
- Use the Head purple ball, unless all players agree otherwise.
- You may reschedule matches if needed.
- Top 4 teams advanced to playoffs.