Welcome to the League

Play Racquetball!

At Viera Health First, we have 2 indoor racquetball courts.    Here is some info about our programming:

COURT RESERVATIONS     Court reservations can be made 3 days in advance (321-434-9149). Approved eye guards are mandatory!

(Advanced and Intermediate/Beginners) .     Come up and play.  

LEAGUES Start the week of March 10th (Tuesday nights)
Want to play and meet new racquetball players?    Join a league.   Contact: League Director Paul Owens at 321-698-9796, powens121@gmail.com

$20 to join. Divisions are limited to ~12 players (Mixed C, Low B, and Hi B divisions)


1 - Safety is the priority!
-       Wear approved eyeguards
-       Use the wrist tether
-       If your opponent is in the way, don't swing. Just take a safety hinder and play the point again

2 - Be Considerate:
-       If you can't make your scheduled match, contact your opponent.  You should schedule a make-up match or forfeit
-       If you don't show up for your scheduled match and don't contact your opponent w/in 7 days, it will count as a forfeit and your opponent will be awarded the match

3 - Games:
-       Two games to 11 w/ a tiebreaker to 11
-       The WINNER enters the scores of the match on the web site
-       Your email address is your password to enter the scores
-       Scoring - 1 point for winning match, & 1 point for each game won. 
-       Track your wins & losses online (click Current Schedule for the Viera Health First Club) 

Contact: League Director Paul Owens at 321-698-9796, powens121@gmail.com